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Portfolio - YooHoo - Web App Development

YooHoo – Web App Development

YooHoo is a world first in front of house management for pubs and restaurants. It takes care of a customer’s experience from start to finish and orders tasks in a list-based system optimised by time. This ensures that consistent service is delivere...
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Portfolio - Riixo Recovery - Product Management

Riixo Recovery – Product Management

We manage Riixo Recovery’s stock management on behalf of the team. This includes ensuring that stock levels are accurate and informs the distribution team to pick and pack products effectively. Riixo’s products contain many items that are shipped...
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Portfolio - George Hotel - Review Generation

George Hotel – Review Generation

Generating positive reviews for The George Hotel is a high priority. This is because the previous management team weren’t doing such a great job at running the hotel and therefore succumbed to a number of negative reviews. We have set up a system t...
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Portfolio - YooHoo - Zoho

YooHoo – Zoho

Zoho is a powerful business software company that offers a range of services such as email marketing, books, subscriptions, customer relationship management and email support ticketing systems to name a few. We recommended that YooHoo uses Zoho for i...
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Portfolio - Riixo Recovery - Google Cloud Storage

Riixo Recovery – Google Cloud Storage

Ensuring a smooth user experience on your website is essential to increasing engagement and ultimately sales or leads. A tool that is regularly used for this are Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). CDNs allow websites to store content around the globe ...
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Portfolio - Riixo Recovery - Facebook and Instagram Ads

Riixo Recovery – Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads is a powerful marketing tool for raising awareness, driving traffic and generating leads/sales for your business. We’re working with Riixo Recovery to manage their Facebook/Instagram Ads. As part of our responsibility, we ins...
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Portfolio - YooHoo - Website Design

YooHoo – Website Design

Having a website that is engaging, loads quickly and is visually appealing is of paramount importance to converting visitors into customers. A website that ticks all the boxes for your visitors helps support conversion rates of your marketing channel...
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Portfolio - Riixo Recovery - Score Your Recovery Survey and Reports

Riixo Recovery – Score Your Recovery Survey and Reports

Riixo Recovery do not just sell products, they support athletes in recovery after exercise by producing a range of content for athletes to engage with. Together we have created and developed a world first recovery quiz which asks a range of questions...
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Portfolio - Riixo Recovery - Email Marketing

Riixo Recovery – Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with prospective customers, as well as those that have already purchased. We work with Riixo Recovery to send campaigns and maintain and a series of automations. We have created Riixo Recovery’s email...
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Portfolio - YooHoo - Email Marketing

YooHoo – Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel, especially for new businesses. As YooHoo’s digital partner, we work with them to market the front of house management system to prospective customers. As YooHoo is a brand-new company,...
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