Rebrand & Website Build

FortXLocks Rebrand & Website Build

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FortXLocks Rebrand & Website Build

Project Introduction

FortXLocks initially came to us to have their website rebuilt as their current website was not converting visitors in to customers. We consulted with FortXLocks and came to the resolution that the project should include a redesign of their brand to make a more professional look to the new website. Now that FortXLocks has their new branding and website, they can continue grow the business in the online space.

A whole new look…

About The Project

FortXLocks is an online based retailer of heavy duty padlocks. They started off as an eBay business and grew the business online with their website.

They came to us because their website was not making any sales and they knew that there is a huge potential for the business to grow in this area.

We evaluated their current website to find that it has been infected with a virus which was redirecting visitors to other websites.

After consulting with FortXLocks, we came to the conclusion that the website needed to be replaced, and to be more versatile for business growth. Not only did we recommend this, but we also concluded that the current branding was not up to scratch and could do with a refresh.

FortXLocks offer a small range of lock types, however their locks have multiple options – meaning that they essentially had more than 150+ different products.

They were using spreadsheets for stock control, and they were using product codes to identify products – not very human friendly!

We worked closely with FortXLocks to consolidate their stock and implement a stock control system which meant they had real time stock lists, which are updated from numerous platforms such as their website, eBay and Amazon.

After the website was launched, we introduced FortXLocks to the world of online advertising. Setting up Google Ads and maintaining their account on a regular basis is part of our ongoing support.

Mobile Friendly

As the shift from desktop to mobile shopping increases, it’s vital that an ecommerce website is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly.

Stock Control

We helped FortXLocks step away from a spreadsheet stock control system which they had got used to, because there are so many more benefits to a live stock control system, such as reduced stock counts required, custom reporting and stock level alerts to name a few.

Third-party Integrations

There are lots of applications that small to medium sized business use to help streamline their processes and make their lives easier. That’s why we integrated Royal Mail Click & Drop, QuickBooks, eBay and Amazon to help reduce the amount of administration required on running their business.

SEO Friendly

The first thing you go to when you want to find something out is Google. If you want to appear high up on search engines, then you have to make sure that your website is SEO Friendly and full of unique content so that search engines will rank you higher.

Online Advertising

Primarily FortXLocks was selling on eBay. After we launched their website we introduced them to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Shopping Ads to help them grow their business even further.

Brand Design

As part of the project, we revamped the branding for FortXLocks to make it look cleaner and sharper to complement their new website.

Going Back In Time...

A gallery of what FortXLocks used to look like before they contacted us…